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Driver & Logistics

We are a member of the LogisticsUK Driver Agency Excellence Scheme. The LogisticsUK Driver Agency Excellence Scheme is a voluntary initiative undertaken by driver agencies and FTA members which aims to recognise, encourage and promote good practice in the staff supply sector and UK driver hire industry.

Driver Agency Excellence is managed by LogisticsUK and steered by a Governance Group, made up of driver agency leaders and LogisticsUK sector leaders and Auditors.

To support agencies, LogisticsUK has developed a standardised knowledge-check assessment for drivers and a course for agency staff, to ensure that the office team putting drivers on assignment are also kept up to date with transport legislation.

Warehouse, Industrial and Construction

Staffing Network has a large pool of staff with a variety of skills available in the UK. We offer a comprehensive service from odd day sickness cover, contract cover to full onsite management service, with everything in between!

Our staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be supplied to you within the hour.

All staff must provide two forms of Identification and confirm eligibility to work in the UK before we will interview the candidate

All staff are reference checked before working and are supplied subject to passing a written test including English and Mathematics. A minimum of 65% pass rate is accepted.

All of our staff are experienced with a number of skills and we can supply any number of staff and many of our staff are available within an hour of requests.

Office and Sales

Staffing Network has a large pool of staff available for office and sales across the UK. We can search and select you ideal candidate for any vacancy in any location, to ensure that you find the best person for your job, not just a person.

Our experienced consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can supply to you within the hour, for sickness cover.

Managed Recruitment Services

Staffing Network provides a bridge between the complexities and pressures of the business environment. At Staffing Network, we are commercially focused, and provide an integrated suite of services to achieve the best value for the client. We retain a diverse team of individuals from experienced managers to technical staff who are all experienced in their particular areas of expertise. They can help companies deal with short-term management problems. These can range from special short-term projects to major on-going projects. We can respond quickly to special requirements and our staff can be hired on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Our experienced staff will work with you to understand your exact needs and the issues in your business, in order to develop an appropriate approach to the issues you face.

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Targeted Recruitment Solutions

If you’re looking to fill a position, the chances are that the person with the experience and knowledge you’re looking for will come from a competitor, a partner, or from an organisation that fits a certain profile.
Within each organisation there is a core of well qualified and happy individuals who are not actively looking to change position and are therefore not reading adverts or applying to recruitment agencies.
That’s why we take a targeted approach.
Proactively seeking out your ideal candidate, through a combination of imagination and hard work. The targeted approach.
Organisations tend to look after their key employees, however, when approached directly by a professional headhunter, these individuals will listen to opportunities and will move if the role is attractive. Using headhunters is the only way for clients to access this potentially rich source of candidates.