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Driver Assessment Test

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Section 1 – Drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations
What is the minimum break requirement after 4 hours 30 minutes of either continuous or cumulative driving under EC rules?
Which of the following would meet the requirements of a split break from driving? 1 15 minutes + 30 minutes 2 20 minutes + 25 minutes 3 30 minutes + 15 minutes 4 17 minutes + 35 minutes
A ‘regular’ daily rest is defined as a period of at least how many consecutive hours?
Driving time can be extended to 10 hours, on how many occasions in a fixed week?
At the end of your working week you have driven under EC Rules for 50 hours. What is the maximum number of hours that you can drive in the following week under EC Rules?
A drivers’ digital tachograph card is valid for a period of:
A daily rest can be reduced to 9 hours on how many occasions between a drivers’ weekly rest periods?
You have reported your driver card lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning. Providing you follow the rules you can continue to drive for a maximum of :
Under the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations you are not permitted to work more than how many hours without taking a break?
A regular weekly rest is defined as a period of at least 45 hours. This can be reduced to 24 hours within the regulations – what are the rules on compensation?